The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - The World That Never Was Season Two #1

June 2, 2017

The Wizarding World is a peculiar case as it is the property rights are shared by it's author, JK Rowling, Warner Bros, and Universal Studios, but did you know that Disney was once in the mix? Disney had bid for the rights to the popular characters, books, and movies for their theme parks but they passed due to JK Rowling and her need for creative control. That doesn't mean that all is lost however. Despite losing out on the Wizarding World, Disney has gained serious competition and the theme park industry has been lit on fire ever since. Multiple attractions and lands have opened or are being planned to open and immersive themed experiences have grown leaps and bounds in only a few years. It's an amazing time to be a Disney fan, a Universal fan, or a theme park fan in general!

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